Lymie Murray

Take one listen to Jamaican singer/songwriter Lymie Murray and you’ll be hooked. Former lead singer of the famous Skool Band and reggae great Freddie McGregor, LYMIE MURRAY is considered one of the finest vocalists in modern reggae. Born Paul Murray on October 24, Lymie hails from Royal Flat, Manchester, in central Jamaica, where the singer/songwriter grew up amidst the sounds of Jeffrey Osbourne, the Manhattans, James Ingram, Luther Vandross and local artistes Dennis Brown, Beres Hammond and Tyrone Taylor. Lymie Murray says he grew up watching and listening to an older brother and a cousin doing backing vocals for the iconic Jamaican singer, Beres Hammond. However, it was Lymie’s interest and participation in school concerts that served as his first introduction to the stage. Following high school, he moved to Kingston to work in finance but soon abandoned his 9-5 job when he took up singing and began to focus on songwriting. Lymie’s amazing talent as a as a vocalist would later show itself on his debut album, Happy Days’, which was marked by pure artistic range and splendor.

Lymie has a captivating, rich soulful sound, warm and welcoming to the eardrums. The singer’s mesmerizing vocals underlines many reggae hits, including Etana’s “Wrong Address”, Jah Cure’s “Sticky” (Out Deh) and Wasp’s popular track “Cry Fi Dem”. Many Jamaican artistes, including Beres Hammond, Luciano and Tarrus Rily rave about this gem of a singer. Lymie Murray’s strength is his versatility; his exceptional creative range and talent. Rarely has a reggae singer captured so effortlessly both classical lover’s rock sensibility and reggae righteousness. Check out any of his popular singles – Rolling Thunder”, “All Over the World”, “Blessed” Only Conversation” and “You Got Me – and you’ll discover a unique mix of artistic virtuosity, power, style and class unmatched within the contemporary genre of reggae singers.

After years of touring extensively across the globe as the enchanting front man for the once popular Skool Band, Lymie Murray made hismark with his debut album “Happy Days”, featuring hits such as “Everytime I Touch You”, “Blessed” and “Let’s Stay Together”. A four year working relationship with Freddie McGregor’s Big Ship Records, including performances as opening act/backing vocalist for the reggae great, led to Murray’s second and third albums “Start All Over” and “Only Conversation” released on Jet Star and VP Records respectively. “Start All Over” features songs such as the title track ‘Start All Over’, ‘All Night Long’ and ‘If I Could’. Only Conversation comprises the popular title track,  ‘Jah Fire’, ‘Love Overdue’ and ‘La La Means (I Love You)’. With signature silky honey glazed vocals, this handsome singer very quickly became known as a crooner of deeply romantic lover’s ballads.

Embarking as a solo artist since 2003, Murray dropped a beautiful collection of popular singles such as ‘Pool of Love’, ‘Slow and Easy’, and ‘Stop for While’ which speak honestly and openly about relationships and love, lyrics with meaning and purpose that could melt the most cynical of lovers. He also released roots reggae hits including ‘Break Free’, ‘Rolling Thunder’, ‘Real High Grade’ and ‘Blood Iya’ for producer Bobby Digital.  But Lymie Murray is not to be typecast. Today, his music ranges from reggae’s lover’s rock genre embedded in his first three albums, to classic odes to reggae’s conscious roots manifested in his latest album, “Deeper Roots” and “Harvest Moon”.

Songs such as “Earth Cry”, “Troubles I See”, “Brother’s Keeper” and “Marcus” reflect Lymie Murray’s deep commitment to his Rastafarian faith and his growth as an artiste. Moving his music along a continuum of positive uplifting themes of love and life to profoundly spiritual laments about poverty and injustice, Murray’s melodies are potent and memorable. Unlike many of his young contemporaries in roots reggae culture who spew out a firebrand politics, Lymie Murray is not fuelled my radical resentment and rage. “I have never made a song I am not proud of”, says Murray. But make no mistake Lymie Murray’s music is no less political. The singer’s latest album, aptly entitled “Deeper Roots” carries with it a commanding, authoritative energy. The rhythms on this album are pedestrian and vibrant; the lyrics forceful and consequential. Yet the vocals are unhurried; they are measured; their tone tempered by the lyrical intelligence of this poised and endearing artiste. Tracks such as “Rooster”, “Captive”, ‘Ease it Off” and “Brother’s Keeper” are worth a listen.

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